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The S.S.A.N.G. Foundation is a nonprofit organization striving to use the arts and artistic expression for the empowerment and support of survivors of child sexual abuse.

While Miss New York, Helen Goldsby spoke publicly about the sexual abuse she survived as a child.  As a result of her many speeches and lobbying, Governor Pataki and the New York state legislature signed and passed what is now known as the Miss New York law (reforming child molestation legal criteria). Another history making triumph for Goldsby; becoming the first state title-holder to have a law in her name and honor. And while being associated with a pageant is generally frowned upon if one wants to be taken seriously in the world of show business, Goldsby is extremely proud of what she was able to accomplish with her personal platform while Miss New York.

“The fact of the matter is the Miss America program gave me the visibility and notoriety I needed to have those brave conversations with the state’s law-makers and legislature. The title, in and of itself, established me in spaces and places I, otherwise, might not have had access. And I can never disassociate or deny that fact. It was a huge accomplishment.”


The S.S.A.N.G. Foundation was founded to educate the public concerning child abuse and neglect as well as provide the necessary on-going support for survivors.


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"Raising awareness, teaching and informing society about child sexual abuse prevention, its long-term effects and the journey to healing has become my life's work."         



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